Wednesday, October 10, 2012

bitch please day

To those who still aren't aware of this meme, please do google it up yourself.

Well anyway, my day today is somewhat screwed up, not sure why. Darn, I'd be lying to say such thing, actually, I'm pretty sure its reasons, but you know what some said? Ignorance is bliss sometimes. So yeah, I'm going to have a 'bitch please' attitude today. Rather than pondering my misery, I'd rather sleep, get recharged and enjoy these few hours left of today.

Anyhoo, today, while assisting Dr Shawal, I noticed my pants being tugged. It turned out that the oral surgeon in charge, Dr Ramizu, was putting on my earphones which were dangling from my pockets and being the genius I am, I forgot to turn off my media player. The playlist that was on was 'St Anger', cliche much? And that contained all my metal songs - yes, I prefer to start my day with those. It grants me some sort of detachment from the ambiance this university has. "Eh, you guys, dia dengar lagu metal. EH! Ni thrash metal ni (sorry I'm a noob at grouping songs into genres, so I'm not quite sure what thrash metal is and I'm not quite interested in knowing more about it). You... you dengar lagu macam ni? Tak kena dengan muka", he said. Although his reaction was amusing, still... dafuq?

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