Wednesday, October 31, 2012

effort paying off

Do ignore my retarded facial expressions. So anyway, the picture on your left was taken about a year ago and the other one was taken recently. Alhamdulillah, I managed to shed off 20kg. There were a few factors contributing to this. First was the left knee injury I sustained from playing futsal plus my obesity, I was advised by a doctor to start reducing my weight or I might need to depend on medications soon. Second was my six-month extension. It was the biggest shock I have ever had so far in my life. Starved myself for four days, almost nil by mouth actually and by the time I started to regain my appetite, I couldn't eat as much as I did. Third was my refusal to be the first in my family to be diagnosed with hypertension or heart disease due to hyperlipidaemia (high blood lipid). The way my father eats, I secretly felt ashamed of myself. "Why am I such a pig?", I asked myself.

Initially I lessened the portion of each meal I consumed and yes, my weight started to reduce until it reached a plateau. I was initially grade I obese. And that only kicked my BMI down to overweight range. Then, I started to completely eliminate rice from my diet. That thing is so packed with calories. I started consuming pastas and noodles instead. Again, my BMI started to reduce, but it was still within overweight range. Apparently, I have a somewhat retarded metabolism. I don't even sweat after two laps of jogging and yes, I jogged consistently, four to five times weekly for two years straight. I started swimming (unfortunately my schedule is too hectic these days that I had to excuse myself from this as well as the swimming pool is closed at 7pm). My weight was static again, but I noticed my waist circumference reducing which means I was most probably losing fat and toning instead.

It took me one night of serious thinking to decide to change my lifestyle somewhat drastically. I worked really hard to reset my bedtime. I used to sleep at 2-3am and that is the exact time this tummy demands for food. "Why can others sleep before 1am and wake up early, while I can't? Surely I am actually able to do the same", I thought. Why did I sleep so late actually? I was busy sacrificing my sleeping time going out with people I didn't even enjoy being with. Elimination. I had to decide. I had to eliminate them because they didn't give me a way out. Alhamdulillah, it worked out. I started to go on a low carb high protein diet consisting of mainly fish and wholemeal bread and I give myself a break once weekly. Some people call it the 'cheat day', but my cheat day really is just Kenny Roger's quarter meal roasted chicken - the only deviation from my diet. Finally, I reached ideal BMI. Frankly, it's somewhat rocky because I'm actually near the borderline between overweight and ideal BMI. So I'm looking forward to lose another 4kg or so just to comfortably be in the ideal range. Although many thought that I am on some... I don't know... slimming products..? Nope. True, those might work too, but I don't want to be dependent on something like that. Personally, if I can work it on my own without the aid of certain things, I'd rather work my arse off then. Don't I get bored of this diet? Well did I get bored of eating food packed with calories? Vice versa.

Whatever it is, I noticed that fat from the upper body is going away much more obvious than my lower body. Sigh, thighs and arse, Y U NO DO ME JUSTICE?! Perhaps I should start working out if I want to tone those areas. One day, legs. One day.


Kaki Bangku said...

Whoa. This actually inspired me to kick off my diet. 20kg in one year? I need that!

alia said...

Bravo, Z, bravo!
I'm so happy for you! You look great AND healthy.

I hope you don't mind me showing this post to my colleagues. They kinda obsess with those slimming products--no need to exercise thingy.
Well, we're truly inspired :)

Ganbatte! Let us both shed those extra 4 kg healthily.
Take care Z. May Allah bless you, always.

zahirah ardy said...

Not sure who Kaki Bangku is, but yeah, all the best!

Alia, yeaa, jom sama-sama, burn that 4kg up! U take care too, ya :)

Nurul Huda said...

Dear z, im making u my idol to push myself to loose 20kgs of my weight..pray for me ya!luv u z!