Sunday, October 14, 2012


What goes around comes around. I'm carefully placing the pieces of my chess to strike back. Don't force me to do it. I am just exhausted from fighting back that I chose to stay dormant. Nevertheless, one more move is enough to return to my hateful self. Honestly, you asked me to perform root planing on a controlled generalised chronic periodontitis patient? You're not even a periodontist, for God's sake. Still, I shall keep my eye on your next move. 

Look, I let whatever that had happened in the past go, and I forgave you for your every manipulative act and false accusations. Hopefully you can one day see that my patience has its limit too. I may not be able to hold myself back from reporting you if you push me further. So, man, don't play with fire. I can be a good friend to you, but I can easily turn into a fiend as well. Frankly, I'm already halfway through this transformation. It's just a matter of time for me to become a total bitch. For your information, whatever that's mine isn't for you to play around with or touch. Just because I am like this doesn't mean I'm interested in wrongful things. And you disgust the hell out of me.

Be professional. If you can't respect me or my colleagues, at least respect this field you're in.

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