Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the silver lining is now appreciable

I remember our only endodontist, Dr Huwaina, coming to my dental cubicle and patted me on the shoulder saying, "Zahirah, be patient, there are reasons Allah made your journey this rough. Allah doesn't test you beyond your limits. There is a silver lining somewhere somehow and the more precious you are in Allah's eye, the more Allah shall test you", when she saw me frowning. There were so many things bugging my mind at that moment. I was waiting for something that I knew would never happen. I was anticipating changes in people who were as stubborn as a mule. I was being too kind that I was taken advantage on, repeatedly. I was always blaming myself for every single thing that went against or beyond my expectation. One weekend. One weekend was all it took for me to change my mindset. If I really want to be happy, stop depending on others to gain that. Avoid those who are too much of a liability. If necessary, break the friendship when avoiding isn't possible because you know what... in the end, it's how we think of ourselves that matters.

Of course, the people and events around us are great teachers. Others don't always return your kindness. I learned that the hard way, but those who do, keep them by your side. Don't always prioritise others over yourself. So I'm taking better care of myself, physically and emotionally, now. Happiness, I am here to embrace you. This time, for real.


Damon said...

good for u know how to be happy..and u really..really deserved it..cheers!!

zahirah ardy said...

Aku assume this is Akam. And yeahhhhh!