Saturday, November 3, 2012

a dose of lameness

I'm just going to write random stuff that some people do which I find annoying.

You know how some guys misinterpret that you're attracted to them and they come to you talking in a tone which I can only describe as an attempt to speak while the vocal cord is partially closed and the throat is constricted. Just to rub some salt on the wound, they'd smile to you in a perverted way, stretching corners of their mouth as if that's the sexiest shit you've ever seen when they just looked like toads. Well, no, that's not attractive and just because I'm friendly with you, doesn't mean I am attracted to you. The truth is, I spend most of my life with guys - my brothers, father, and guy friends. Now I'm not gonna bitch around and say that it's for less drama because whether you like it or not, ladies, you do need your own species to share certain things with.

I remember telling a lad this, "Dude, I think you have some problem with your body odour", personally because I didn't want to embarrass him in front of others. Apparently, he didn't take it well and retaliated, "My girlfriends love this. You are the one who's problematic!". Are you fucking kidding me? First of all, I'm not your girlfriend and I am not attracted to you... AT ALL. Second, I think you have girlfriends who were too afraid of being truthful to you because you're way too defensive and I secretly think you have a form of personality disorder.

"Your friends are all bitches and such cheapskates. They even talk like American dumb blondes", this lad commented on my girlfriends. Whoa, whoa there, watch it! You, of all the people have no right to say that because you don't even pay for my fuel after I had spent so much on that driving you here and there. You wouldn't even share paying it when I told you that I can drive you to a cinema that's more than a hundred kilometers away. "It's not worth it, right, to spend RM60 just to watch a movie?", you said to me right when I told you that we're gonna share the travelling expenses and you're getting RM6000+ monthly for your salary. You really thought that I would pay for everything just because you asked for it? Bitch please, I'm not dumb and I don't buy friendships - certainly not a worthless one like this. And for your information, my girlfriends and I, we have class and as far as I'm concerned, they all speak good English unlike you who won't even admit that you have certain... ascent. LOL.

"Hey, can you check my teeth? I just want to have it whitened and you'll get to claim your requirement", who the fuck do you think you are to simply come to my dental chair and demand such things? Have some manners and ask me before doing something rash. I might be your friend but I'm surely not your slave and once I suspect being used, I'll always start behaving like a bitch. Perhaps you don't notice, but I can be pretty cunning to achieve my purposes. And yes, I always assess a person - are you much more of a liability rather than the opposite? If you're much more of a liability, I will gladly drop you out of the equation. There are certain people, mostly my childhood friends, and a very few people I knew here that I'd give my all no matter what happens because they deserve my loyalty, but new ones? Na-uh, I don't think so.

Thinking of it again... why did I bear with them in the first place? Well of course, people around us are great teachers without them realising it. And I learned that there are so many faggots and psychos out there. They might have impressive certificates, but that doesn't mean they have a sound mind. "These people they just love to jump at making conclusions and sometimes those don't even make sense, so please, please limit the things you tell them. You know you're awesome enough", I recall a dear friend telling me.

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