Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Self control. Have a grip over yourself, Zahirah.

You're like a hamburger to me. If I eat you up, I'll end up with clogged arteries, but at times, I'd have the craving.

An impulse. Just an impulse.

I would have a bite off you. I would close my eyes when I do so, just to taste every bit of that single bite, because I know that I shouldn't go more than that and I'll have to let you go pretty soon.

You have veggie in you, to justify the whole purpose of your existence. "At least there's vitamin in this", I'd say to myself. And I would cheat myself and tell that this might be righteous.

At times, my self-control would be shaken and I'd really like to finish you up, not leaving even breadcrumbs, but no, I will never let myself do such thing because I might end up with regret.

Regret from having such cannibal-like instinct. I might even vomit you out like a bulimic person while I'm filled with self-loathing.

But in the end, this low carb high protein diet I undergo always require a cheat meal and for that I will seek you, hamburger.

Because I know that you will always be there, in a fast food restaurant, waiting to be ordered.

Once in awhile.

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