Tuesday, November 20, 2012

if i want it

Remember this case? Well tomorrow I'm going to review the denture I made him. I called him a few days ago. "Gano gigi batu En ***? Cabut ko waktu make beradab?", I laughed. "Doppp doppp, yo kukuh molek. Ore rumoh kito oyak come gigi lo ni. Supo artih", he replied. Well I'm glad his marriage reception went well and he said he was so confident with his smile now that he no longer mumbles when talking nor does he hide his teeth.

Today I had a humble patient on whom I shall put veneers. I am ecstatic. Finally, a new lesson to be learned during this extension. I am actually getting bored as I've been doing the same old things I did last session. It came to a point where I actually started to just shove in special trays into my patient's mouth for secondary impression for the construction of crowns and put a few pieces of gauze in and ask them to bite themselves after I had done soft tissue moulding. The thing is, polyvinyl siloxane takes about 4-5minutes to fully set and I'm don't have the patience to put my fingers in my patient's mouth that long. Besides, I construct my own special trays so I made it in such way that the handle is situated much more labially so that they don't tilt when patients bite on them. That's what I call as misapplication of knowledge.

 For some reasons, my initial interest towards oral surgery is fading. I somehow enjoy making dentures, crowns, bridges more. Perhaps I should consider taking up prosthodontics in the future. The satisfaction of seeing a patient having a nicer smile is... beyond words. I love both lab and clinical works too. I actually said to myself, "If I am able to finish this lad's denture within a week, I might be more inclined to prosthodontics", and yes, I did finish it within a week and these dentures still look good. Looking forward to learn more on these stuff :)

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