Monday, December 3, 2012

a turning point

This entry is to answer so many people's question on how I lost weight.

I was 99.5kg (tersilap tulis before ahuehue) before and currently, I am 65kg, making my total weight loss 35kg, but in truth, I started to become more strict on my diet during the past 6 months. And during the last 3 months, I began practising low calorie diet. My weight loss was slow during the first half of this one year. I began with reducing the portion of my every meal, and yet I stuck with rice. To begin with, I don't have that 'wajib makan nasi' taste bud. So I stuck with noodles instead. During my first 6 months I only lost 10kg (22lbs), which I considered slow since I had large residual weight to lose. The principle is the more weight you have to lose, the faster you should be losing weight once you reduce your calory consumption. So don't expect similar thing to happen if you're just a BMI 24 and below person. During my second 6 months, I began on bread and fish only diet and to be honest, I restrict my calorie consumption to a maximum of 600kcal daily (and my daily need is 2200kcal) which makes it about 23% of my daily need. I never starve myself particularly because I am born with low metabolism. I hardly sweat even after 2 laps of consistent jogging (sadly I had to stop jogging due to knee injury). This bread and fish diet consists of three slices of Gardenia Breakthrough bread (109kcal/2slices) and Ayam Brand light tuna. I also include raw tomatoes and lettuce into this. I spice things up by adding McIlhenny Co Tabasco sauce (very low in calorie but high in sodium content) and McCormick ground black pepper. For lunch it's about the same thing although I sometimes change from tuna to either lean chicken breast (only grilled/boiled/steamed, don't eat the skin or fat part although the former is the best tasting one) or grilled/steamed fish (you may opt for ikan berlauk but do not take the lauk), except that I reduce my bread to two slices instead. For dinner which is at 6pm it's one slice of bread either without any topping or sometimes with tuna again. Once a week I will have my cheat meal (not cheat day) consisting of either a meal at Kenny Roger's Roasters or Secret Recipe. So within 6 months I lost 25kg. Since my height is 165cm, that makes my BMI 23.4 which means I am within ideal range. Nevertheless, I am targetting BMI 21-22. Since my fat is mostly gone, I am now left with somewhat flabby areas, which means I need to tone up my body. For this, I recently began to go to a gym to workout. I have my junior, Ziyad, to help me with this. He's good at his thing, so might as well learn from him.

Currently, I am keeping an eye on my weight. I might need to increase my calorie intake a little bit just to make sure I don't end up being lethargic the whole day for having insufficient energy. My workout is basically a weight loss workout, NOT a bodybuilding one. Weight lifting actually boosts your fat burning rate. So that's what I'm looking forward to. I don't want to have just a thin body which is not toned at all. Well then, for you guys who want to try this, bear in mind - mind control is crucial. Don't give excuses to yourself and say, "Ah, I'll let this one go", because once you do that, you will never achieve your goal because you WILL repeat it again and again. And anything such as roti canai or chapatti or shit like that - they are made with butter and flour - both high calorie. So the choice is in your hands. Don't cheat and come to me complaining about your weight not budging much.


Kaki Bangku said...

Do you have cravings or anything like that? What do you do when that happens?

zahirah ardy said...

Kaki Bangku, of course I would have cravings such as Secret Recipe cakes. I usually would procrastinate on that and just start thinking about ingredients they use to make such heavenly delicacy - which will involve abundant butter, milk, flour, and eggs, all containing extremely high calory. Then I uh.. I'm not trying to be racist, but I would imagine obese Americans digging in humongous hamburgers, down with morbid conditions, and I'd feel disgusted. I'll never deny myself such thing forever. I will tell myself that I shall reward myself with a piece of that maybe in one to two months time. If you're craving for things such as chocolate instead, then go on, buy yourself one, but the principle is you don't have to finish all of them at a time. Calculate the calories contain in it and in my case, I'd allow myself to have maybe 50kcal of that. So do your calculation and see how much of that chocolate will add up to 50kcal. Cut up that piece and eat it up without feeling guilty. Save the rest for later. In fact, I have a bar of Toblerone in my room so that when I crave for it, I would take half of one of those triangles (not half of the bar). That's barely 50kcal, just because I'm super strict on myself. Sometimes, I offer them to my friends. You gain two things from this - generosity and minimise the portion you still have. Tell yourself that if you go too much you're disappointing yourself. Mind power plays a huge role in this.

p/s: You should also practise healthier lifestyle like sleeping early (since you commented at 2am hee) because usually the cravings are worse during midnight.

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