Saturday, December 22, 2012

no pushing

I'm the sort of person who will do whatever I say I'd do. If I had said never to talk to me again in such manner or I shall never forgive you the next time it happens, I mean my every word. If I say I will bring you down, I will try my best to bring you down. I can be the best person you'll have around you and I can be your worst enemy too. So don't try flick my angry mode on. It's not that I'm proud of being such an egomaniac person but I have had enough of others taking advantage on me and treating me according to their convenience. When they're in a bad mood, they blast every shit in my face. Look, I get it, you're stressed. You really think I'm always in a cheerful mode when I'm with every single person? For the love of God, I always try to control myself when it comes to being expressive about certain things because I cherish and care about others' feelings, but I have learned a long time ago that not everyone is willing to give and take and those kind of people aren't worth keeping. So, no, I don't intend to tolerate anyone else's bitchiness (unless it's inevitable). Not beyond this point. 

Nevertheless, if I still respond to your sudden burst of anger, then be glad because I still have enough love to argue in return, but if I became silent and started to smile instead of showing an angry face. That's exactly the moment I had made up my mind that I will eliminate you from my life. So far there hasn't been any turning point when such thing occurs. I simply don't allow it to happen. I may accept your apology but things will never return to how they used to be.

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