Friday, December 7, 2012

noon gloom

Alhamdulillah, this muscle pain around my thighs is reduced to half than initially. I tried to fight back so I went to the dental school yesterday and walked here and there, opted for stairs rather than escalators. Come to think of it... I might've became a health freak, but that's better than being a lazy couch potato.

My noon is rather gloomy today, I'm not sure why. Might be because it's time of the month. Took a nap, hoped it would last for four hours but barely an hour later, here I am, making this entry. I was listening to a playlist I named 'Sad' and I woke up to it feeling yes - rather sad.

"Like how you said would call but never at all"- Decorate cover by Kuizz Shah. I hate being left hanging. I won't bug you with reminders, but I will be annoyed and I shall not make it less obvious. You and your promises, all for nothing. Beautiful words, they're all just a facade to something so empty. Shit, I wonder why I have such friend and most importantly, why am I holding onto this?

I feel like getting a pair of aviators. Ah haa. Tunggu biasiswa masuk. Okay, random.

I need to get a new pair of jeans too. My latest pair was bought about two months ago and they're already loose. It's getting rather annoying to keep pulling them up while I walk. Well now that I can fit in easier, no need to buy Dorothy Perkins clothes anymore. Previously I couldn't fit into clothes normal clothing lines sell, so I had to opt for DP and heck, DP is always so pricey. Just a simple top costs RM100+. Look, I'm not a paid dentist yet and that puts a burden on my shoulders. Well now this problem is eliminated. Yeehaw!

I'm thinking of going for a gig tomorrow at KB, but ahhh, le juniors have their own stuff to do. Might need to just laze around in my room once more especially because it's so hot out there these few days. I don't even feel like driving around much. Monsoon season, Y U NO BE PREDICTABLE THIS TIME?!

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