Thursday, January 3, 2013


I saw someone retweeting this. Despite her horrendous grammatical errors, she's right but only partially. It's true for some medical students, and it's not for some other. Honestly, I witnessed the pain medical students experience just to get that one MD certificate. In fact, the way our curriculum was made, I had to go through similar thing they went through during my first three years of DDS. Therefore, I hate it when some of them who unfortunately failed to find the love for this art, complaining about it again and again when in fact they did nothing but to just procrastinate and just further propagate their hatred for the course. A medical officer once told me, "It took me four years of working as a doctor to actually finally fall in love with my job, but it's worth it after all". There are a few colleagues whose enthusiasm just blow my mind. To name a few, Fiza and Hazwan. I rarely hear them complaining or see them doing so on social networking sites. If they even do, they'd end their statement with more positive point of view on their problems. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul. Those people who aren't even studying this art have no right to say "Tak ada life jadi doktor". People who say so possess the shallowest mind of minds.

What's your definition of 'having a life'? Hedonistic life style? Drinking? Having sex? Fooling around? Do not assume every soul has similar shallow way of thinking. Some people actually enjoy life in different ways. ie Dentist is one of the occupations with highest risk of developing spine problems and carpal tunnel syndrome, but seeing a patient smiling so widely after getting dental treatments just kills all our exhaustion and makes everything seems worthy. A houseman is always burdened by the need to learn so many new things in the shortest time, but when a patient thank them for treating him/her... similar thing. Personally, instead of pitying doctors, you might as well admire them for their extremely high endurance during the most extreme conditions and their ability to make wise decisions promptly which may or may not affect their patients' life. You might as well admire them for willing to study for so long and risk themselves developing mental disorders under such extreme pressure for just one thing - to serve the community right.

Falsampah. I dub statements which sound brainy but are actually pretty short-sighted and dumb as falsampah (rubbish philosophy). Talk the talk and walk the walk. If I see something that isn't right, I'm not strong enough to correct it by the means of physical force, but I certainly believe that the pen is sharper than a sword - words can kill. Even if it's my family members, I will still correct them and I expect similar thing in return if ever I stray from the right path. Ayah explained to me an excerpt from a religious book he read when I told him I was stressed from studying, "Ira, hati perlukan hiburan juga. Tapi hiburan itu hanya sedikit supaya otak boleh sentiasa berfungsi dengan optimum". There onward, I made it a point to reward myself after perhaps a week of hardwork. "Kalau sentiasa ikutkan hati, sampai bila pun takkan puas dengan hiburan. Esok mesti ada sahaja hiburan baru", Ayah reminded me.

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