Thursday, September 19, 2013

Politikus tempat kerja

Some might consider me ballsy. Some might take me as a fool. I am not asking to be understood. You can judge me with bias. Nowadays, people are pretty quick to judge anyway. Big deal.

Dirty politics are everywhere. In a country. Between different worlds. Among different races. At your workplace. Everywhere.

For a person who is ranked highly, come with so many education certificates, you would think that a person is educated enough mentally. I beg to differ.

Sometimes, albeit you have already given your best, served the public as efficient as you can, your patient cards soared high compared to your colleagues, those aren't enough just because you refused to join a direct marketing scheme.

I apologise beforehand to those who are involved in such thing. I pose no harm to you or your business. I am just here to voice my frustrations. I find it unfair to burden your supporting staffs who barely gets RM2k monthly to buy your products which in my opinion, mostly, are overpriced. Of course, my salary is more than that, but that doesn't justify forcing me being absorbed into your disgusting world. If I want to look for anythinf, I'd be happy to do my research at an actual shop where I am able to utilise all my five senses and finally come to a decision at buying something. I hate catalogues *ahem*.

In the end, the same thought strikes me every single time I look at dirty politicians. They come in so many forms, so many uniforms. Tak ingatkah kamu dengan balasan di akhirat? Tak ingatkah kamu janji Allah? Bahawasanya penganiayaan kamu terhadap insan lain, terletak atas insan tersebut untuk memaafkanmu. Allah tidak akan mencampur tangan dalam hal tersebut.

Alhamdulillah, ayah saya dahulu sebelum pencennya, grednya lebih tinggi. He could've utilised his position to get whatever he wants, manipulate educational institutions for the sake of his children, and so many more. I swear, neither my father nor my mother used their position to get me to where I am. When I got an extremely bad result in SPM, thanks to being an ignorant brat, both of them did not make any move to adjust its aftermath. I got my second chance when I was accepted into matriculation college and I got 4 flat after such hardwork. I studied so hard, I vomited during one of my revisions. That's how I got into dentistry. I guess... there aren't many honest people like them who have such high integrity. Semoga mereka dibukakan hati.

Kata orang, kita tak boleh lari daripada politik kalau kita nak naik lebih tinggi. Maaf. Saya boleh saja berpolitik. Tapi saya nak kurangkan seboleh mungkin. Sekurang-kurangnya, taklah saya jadi sejijik orang seperti itu.