Monday, September 21, 2015

i want a JT (dental lab technologist)!!

Assalam and good morning everyone! It's Monday. Hopefully it won't be a mundane Monday. Nahhh, I doubt so. I have a few appointments this morning, a meeting in the evening, and locum at night, but you know... however tired you are, when you come home and see your parents' face, everything else does not matter much anymore.

So, what's up with life? Let's start with the negative ones so that we'll end this post on a more positive tone.

I found out that Pejabat Pergigian Daerah Port Dickson is getting a few new DSAs (dentul surgery assitant) and a JT (dental lab technologist). I am NOT happy to say that after a year requesting for a JT, my clinic isn't getting one. NNNGGGGRRRGGGHHHH!! I remember giving out appointments for denture construction only 2 weeks away when I initially took over the management of this clinic. Guess what? It's only September now and my next vacant denture slot is in March 2016 already! When will it be the appropriate time for me to get a resident JT? I have no idea. In the meantime, I could only tell my patients who requested for dentures apologetically that their appointment will be six months away.

Minta maaf pakcik dan makcik :'( I really want to make beautiful dentures for you guys but... yeah. I have limited human resource. Very. Limited. I do construct my own bite rims and do teeth setting for my dentures at times, but a dentist can only do so much.

Left to right: Me, Hannah, May, Anith, Mel, & Kishie

Friends since primary school. After more than a year and we all reunited for a dinner at Daily Grind, Bangsar (unfortunately I didn't take any picture of my food) and some coffee later on last Friday. I'd say I have quite a good palate (masuk bakul terbang sendiri) and this place is unlike those hipster restaurants with picture-perfect food but fail when it comes to tasting. I give this place a verdict of 4.3/5. Highly recommended. If you know me well enough, you'd understand that I am very fussy (although I do accept whatever that's served to me). Looking forward to our next dim sum date along with Mellie's belated birthday celebration :)

As I had promised myself that I'd renew my wardrobe. See I had lost about 18kg so far for the past 4 months+. I do not starve myself. I have my calory limitation and I have to eat three to four times daily. So far so good. This comes at the price of your clothes becoming ill-fitting. Went to Zara and Dorothy Perkins and bagged so many clothes, I swear to you I had never spent so much on clothes in a day for the past 27 years. It was random, but I suddenly thought of texting my juniors who I had missed for 2 1/2 years (One is working in Penang and another one is studying there too)! And guess what? Guess what? They're both in Selangor! Last-minute plan, just like our younger days. Tough critics, but they still accompanied me patiently for three hours of shopping (of course selang-seli minum kopi)... and gossiping. Thanks, boys! Kak Z adores you both!

Can you believe it? I bought my very first car at the age of 27. Better late than never. I had the money, but never the determination. Got my new baby last week and I am still thinking about a good name for her. Some people asked, "Why would you spend on getting a full-specs car if the difference isn't that much between those of lower-specs but the price differs a lot?". See, ever since the accident I met about six years ago, during which my car backflipped three to four times (I wasn't driving though), I could no longer trust anyone else driving me around except my father. And if that's inevitable, I'd sit on the co-pilot seat and can NEVER fall asleep. And I guess airbags and other safety features are worth my every penny after all I had gone through.

So yeah. that pretty much sums up my week. An awesome week it was and I anticipate many many more awesome weeks to come! InshaaAllah...


Anonymous said...

Sabar ye Zahirah. Itulah masalah di sektor kerajaan. Nak minta apa pun mesti lambat. Selagi benda tu bukan untuk kepentingan 'menteri' itu, selagi itulah kena tunggu. Tapi tak apa la. Alhamdulillah dah dapat apa yang Zahirah nak. Moganya Zahirah terus berkhidmat dengan kerajaan. :)

Semoga Zahirah gembira dengan kereta baru. :) Hati hati memandu tu. Ingat keluarga tersayang.

zahirah ardy said...

Doakan saya dapat specialise ya!