Sunday, October 11, 2015

i am just not interested

Salam Maghrib...

This week is about to come to an end and it's a hectic one. I went on a three day-locum-marathon which extended to Saturday. Had 2 meetings. One incoming project. One software to be made. I guess it's time to turn my superwoman mode on, eh gituu~ Rezeki murah minggu ni. Rezeki boleh dicari, tapi kebahagiaan tak mungkin boleh digantikan dengan wang ringgit. Macam yang saya kata, kejar Allah, inshaaAllah urusan lain terjaga. Bahagia? Wang? Kejayaan dunia dan akhirat? Semua urusan itu, Allah yang punya hak untuk tentukan.

Last Monday, my former roommate during third year (or was it fourth year?) of DDS. came to KL all the way from Sabah and we had a good early dinner at... guess where? Delicious again! Gotta recommend their parmesan-stuffed roasted chicken. Delish! Hadn't seen her for more than 2 years already. Still the same old Pang Khyun Lee, bubbly as always. I am pretty envious that she had already sat for her part I exams. My turn shall be next year, inshaaAllah!

After locum on Saturday, I dragged my parents and cousin to Nasi Arab Damsyik, Seremban. I was pretty anxious especially since my parents stayed in Egypt for almost 2 years. They know their nasi Arab more than I do obviously, but eh heyyy, I received thumbs up from my mother - the fussiest eater I have ever known in my life. Again, I'd recommend their mashwi chicken and lamb kebab.

Beberapa minggu ni ada lah beberapa makhluk cuba nak buat ayat-ayat manis. Well here's the thing - I now leave all of that sort of affairs to my Creator. If I feel that person's not right, then I'd push him away. Some ladies find it flattering to be courted by many men, they'd even play games with them. Personally, I'd just put it this way - have some standard. And you flirting around with many guys, having this and that boyfriend, doesn't make you the best person around. It makes you feel wanted, yes, but by you responding in the same manner so easily, it makes you cheap too. So, no thanks.

Decent standard. Not many people have that these days.


Anonymous said...

Baguslah Zahirah. Kalau dunia ni kita kejar sampai bila pun takkan cukup. Semoga Zahirah istiqamah :)

Saya doakan Zahirah ditemukan someone yang akan jaga Zahirah baik baik.

zahirah ardy said...

Terima kasih. Yang penting, Allah ada utk jaga saya dan kita semua. If only we could all see and appreciate that

zahirah ardy said...
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