Sunday, October 18, 2015

laziness overloaded!

Salam Asar... (Only managed to finish this post after Isya' :P)

Weekend summary again it is!

Yet another hectic week. Come to think of it... I can't think of any week that I was not fully occupied. Even these weeks to come will be pretty packed.

Last Wednesday was a public holiday - Maal Hijrah. It was a last minute plan, alright. The whole family and I went to Malacca just because I said, "Ira dah lama tak makan ikan bakar kat luar", and where else can you get good grilled fish if not in Malacca?

We stayed overnight at Pantai Puteri. That night, we headed to Umbai. Had a big fat grilled snapper followed by some light 'exercise' by chasing after Ikhlas as he sprinted gleefully across the restaurant. Along, Kak Sue, and I headed to Jonker Walk the very next day. Kononnya nak buru cendol paling sedap Aunty Koh. My former colleague, Adrian, said she's a Peranakan. Sekali tutup der... It's only opened during weekends. So the three of us searched for Jonker 88 instead, but then due to doubtful halal status, we decided to just head to Original Klebang Coconut Shake.

I tried so many coconut shakes already and I'd say it's pretty good! You can also find traditional Malay kueh (keropok lekor there wasn't impressive though) and food such as the humble small pre-packed in banana leaf nasi lemak there. All races swarmed that place and whenever you find such place, it's usually worth a try. Plus point would be spacious parking lot available.

Once we got home, I cooked spaghetti bolognaise because Umi said she felt like eating Western food. I know my mother. She likes filling stuff, hence the pasta. I was just worried that my nephew, Ikhlas, wouldn't like it but he proved me wrong by finishing 3 bowls of it!! Patutlah banyak tenaga budak ni.

Then came a little issue about my cat. I was curious and worried when she crouched differently and also became extremely affectionate. Well yeah, she wakes me up for Subuh daily, but at times she'd would wake me up at around 3am just to be stroked. Turned out she was in heat! For the very first time in her life!! I was worried sick and felt sorry for her. So I started hunting for male Ragdoll cats. Unfortunately, pure breed Ragdolls are so rare in Malaysia they can cost up to RM12000 each. I'd have to declare myself bankrupt if that's the case. Well, now she has calmed down but this will occur again in the near future. Still looking for one though...

Let me introduce to you yet another friend of mine. Khairul Ashraf @ Kurol. The very lad who sat beside me during primary school. Same secondary school. And the very person I dragged around during matriculation college too. The very person I am so comfortable with that I consider him my a-day-older brother. Pretty shocked seeing him all beardy and very very well-nourished haha! Well at least I know he's much happier now doing masters. All the best, Kurol! He's still single if anyone out there wants to hook up with him hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaaaa (he'll kill me for this)!!

I had not been swimming for quite some time, let alone jogging or doing any sort of exercise. Ayah asked me out of the blue to accompany him for his weekend cycle. Despite sleeping for only an hour the night before, I managed to wake up at 6.20am and went cycling with him at Putrajaya lakeside an hour later. Umang aih, pancit cepat sangat okay. And I'll have to tell you my worst regret going against Ayah's advice by not putting on cycling pants. I thought my buttocks had just detached from my body and jumped into the lake. No kidding. Lesson learnt. Lesson learnt well.

It's near end of October already and my SKT (Sasaran Kerja Tahunan) is only 60% done. I'll have to resume ransacking my annual returns tomorrow and boy am I procrastinating. Ngggrggggghhhhh!

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