Tuesday, October 27, 2015

the geek in me

Salam Isya'

I am rather worn out last week. Frankly, still am. In 2 weeks time, Pejabat Pergigian Daerah Port Dickson will be hosting a state event and typical me, I'll be busy with multimedia-related works. Since I had changed to a new laptop, I don't have most softwares I had been using during my undergrad years. Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Photoshop, PowerDirector, SwishMAX, and a number more. I might be a dentist, but I do know how to operate these. I believe everyone should be versatile and I practise what I preach. Makes everything easier, doesn't it? I want a nicely-edited video, I can make it on my own. If my tyre punctures, I change it on my own. If I crave for something, I cook it. If I feel my health is compromised, I perform my own check ups and order investigations myself. If my bed breaks, I drill things and fix it myself. After all, I am my father's third son, am I not? These days, handy men are hard to come by anyway. As friends. Partners. Or whoever. Heck, even in career women are gradually surpassing. Nonetheless, it's not about a race between genders. It's just about hitting our aims as fast as we can and in any way that we can help, we would. Still, the religion calls for certain responsibilities to be carried by men, specifically, and those who really accept them whole-heartedly - I consider them an endangered species.

I guess my stress level is at a pretty dangerous level. Had been having anxiety attacks each day or so. Try doing root canal treatment while you're hyperventilating and your face shield and surgical gown make you feel like someone is slowly trying to suffocate you. As if something is stuck in your throat and crushing your chest. You feel like you're about to have heart attack, but your ECG says otherwise. Still, I managed to perform them. Pretty proud of that although I do not have the same attitude towards my anxiety disorder. Every single time, praying would help relax my mind, except for that one time when I passed out for I-don't-know-how-long because I was anxious. Way too anxious.

Thank God, I have a friend who had been listening to me a lot. Thanks, man, you're the best although you tend to go M.I.A at times. You know who you are.

Anyhoooo, my only biological sister, Wani, turned 31 last 25th October! Happy birthday again. Thanks for being there for me through thick and thin. I love you like a love song, baby *Cue Selena Gomez*. We dined at Macaroni & Coffee restaurant at Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam. Here's my verdict: 3.9 out of 5. The ambiance was superb, deco was smart and cute. Food was delicious too. I'd like to put extra emphasis on the cook on their seafood - just cooked - which was PERFECTOOOO! And waiters and waitresses there were friendly. Sounded like Filipinos. Filipino workers are always great at PR. Nevertheless, had to wait for quite some time for our food to be served. The only down side of it.

Once I'm done with all these multimedia works, I shall go on a hunting spree and buy Tobby a huge arse scratching post. The girl needs a huge one because the last one I bought her was a total train-wreck after she attacked it so forcefully, its vertical posts became wobbly and she wouldn't even play with it anymore. And I am also thinking of buying a remote control toy for Tobby to burn her fat. She's a lazy bump who wakes me up at 6am and sat on my neck despite her food bowl being almost full and still asks for whatever food I have. Every. Day.

Monsoon season is here. Alhamdulillah... hopefully it'll bring all these hazardous chemicals lingering in the air to the ground. And you lads, drive carefully! An advice for myself too since I drive 60km back and forth between my home and workplace.

In the meantime, back to my boring tasks... Say goodbye to my eyesight and hello to more prominent eyebags and worse astigmatism.

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