Sunday, November 1, 2015

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Zaman masih gemuk hur hur

I posted something similar on Facebook, because these lads are such important people in my life, still, I will write again about them because today, tonight, I rejoice in reminiscing all good memories I made with them.

They stick with me through thick and thin - literally - from the first day meeting them at Dewan Nurani, USM, while I was still morbidly obese (yes, I weighed 100kg+) till today, I am 40kg+ lighter, reached my ideal BMI (body mass index) and excellent waist to hip circumference ratio. When I had to extend 6 months because I didn't fulfill my dental public health requirement, they were there, cheering me on till I finally held that scroll in my hands. Even till today, I'm still in touch with my two brothers, Acap & Ziyad.

It felt like I had spent most of my undergrad days with these two lads. I still remember first talking to them at Dewan Nurani when we all were in different bands and had to perform during Dental Sports Night.

"What's with budak ni control macho sangat? Tapi sedap dia main gitar", I said to myself when I first saw Ziyad. I was a pretty ignorant senior. I didn't care much about other students. I cared only for my few close friends, music, and my studies. They were in their second year and I was a fourth year student, still I had never noticed these two lads, but I guess music has its magical ways in bringing physically different people together.

Then again, my good friend, Hazwan, who at that time was a medical student, asked me to form a band for yet another performance. At that time, I have had enough of band members with attitude. So my mind immediately thought of them and then on, we stayed as a band till I graduate.


Sounds simple, huh? Yes, it's oversimplified. The bond between us is much more than mere band members. Till today, I am their elder sister and them to me are my brothers.

Eventually we're joined by Wan 'cantik', Cep, and Min (now missing in action). Due to my nature of not being a hypocrite, people tend to misunderstand me and false rumours lingered around me, but these guys knew better the person I was and still am. No rumour could break me down because I always knew that I got them. They know. Allah knows. Why should I bother?

It's 3am currently. Those days, at 3am, we would be found roaming along coastlines and riversides because at times, due to my anxiety disorder, I'd have trouble falling asleep. "Yo, you're awake? Naan Khaleel, jom?", either one of us would text each other. And just 15minutes later, we'd already be at Khaleel, a mamak stall near USM, me enjoying my garlic naan with tandoori, Acap and Ziyad would have cheese naan. Best chutney. We'd be at Ridel too, just hanging out, chit-chatting till I felt sleepy and then we'd head back through longest routes we could find, blasting metal songs through those seasoned speakers on my old Perodua Kelisa.

They were so important to me, I had never helped anyone with his/her studies as much as I did to them. When they graduated, I dropped a few tears of thankfulness to Allah for granting them success. When I bade them farewell before I left USM for good, I cried silently. I'm not sure whether Ziyad remembers this, but he did too ahahahhaa! There was no ego games between the three of us. What you see is what you get. We know each other's deepest secrets and we know that they're kept safely among us.

Frankly, I didn't expect much from them, but when Acap came during my convocation, I smiled from ear to ear. The sincerest smile I could give. And this year, Ziyad, who's working in Sabah, stopped by KL and we had a good lunch. Acap and Cep, who are both working and studying in Penang, also came by and we spent one full day together. Not exactly like the good old days, but good enough.

Whenever I felt a hint of regret for certain wrong choices I had made during my final year, it'd immediately absolve as I remember those memories with them. I shall cherish every single day. Every single hour. Every single minute. Every single second I had spent with them.

Next year, inshaaAllah I shall travel to Penang and Sabah to visit my brothers. It's my turn this time :)

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