Friday, January 8, 2016

of pain and joy

Not an ideal way of starting my 2016 eh? Well, not really. I had gotten rid of a problem I had been having for quite some time. Got initially admitted into Mawar Medical Center (Umi insisted this particular hospital since my aunt is a matron here) for a surgical procedure, during which I found out the third and fourth drugs I am allergic to - Dormicum and pethidine. Woke up next morning, blood pressure and heart rate crashing, face and neck all swollen, plus my body retained 2kg of additional fluid, I looked like I transplanted a puffer fish onto my face; and also my urination was almost nil, but I am in good hands. So yeah, I am currently entering my third day here. Praying so hard to get discharged in 6 hours time - wink, wink, Dr Ranjit, pretty please? Thanks to a good friend who cooked me my favourite soup. And thanks to you, pretty ladies and boys, who paid me a visit. You guys brightened up my somber days here.

 This time, my entry would be written in retrograde manner chronologically.

Group photo: (from left to right: Leen, me, Anith, Kishie, Mel, and Arif)

As I had promised myself to always keep in touch with my friends, however busy life gets, it was a mini reunion with my Subang clique at Souka Bakery, SS15 Subang Jaya, apart from showing my support for May, who opened a booth at a mini bazaar there. 

As usual, being a sweet-toothed person, I pampered myself with a slice of mixed-berry pavlova there. It was HUMONGOUS, I swear! You may use Leen's hand as a comparison. Its cream and strawberry extract was a tad too sweet for my liking as I believe that the sweetness of its meringue should've been balanced by a rather creamy and much less sweet cream. Their coffees were alright. They serve good pastas though. It's not everyday in Malaysia that you get pastas cooked al dente but you're gonna get just that here. I particularly loved its warm and quiet ambience (pretty sure we made it noise, my apologies, but I hadn't seen these girls for 3 months!). Makes a good hangout spot or for you to bring along your date for lunch maybe. My overall verdict? 3.8/5. Might return.

Right before that. I headed to a spa where I am a regular client and had facial treatment done. To my surprise, my favourite beautician had returned! She's Mrs Irin. Appropriately friendly and gentle. Like I said previously, the old me didn't care shit about myself, my appearance, and whatnot, but this is me telling myself, "You had went through a lot. Time for me-time. Go selfish".

And then there's the Malacca trip! Spent most of our time on the road because of traffic congestion. MAJOR TRAFFIC CONGESTION. Stopped at the famous Klebang Coconut Shake and just look at the line! And also attended an important event.

After so many positive reviews written by my friends regarding La Bodega, Leen and I decided to try it out. Ordered myself spinach and ricotta stuffed ravioli in creamy pesto sauce while Leen had seafood frutti di mare. Well here's one thing that I think all good restaurants should have - a chef who can cook their seafood justly. It is a crime to double murder seafood by overcooking it. So yeah, apparently that was the issue with Leen's pasta. Still, my food was fine apart from its pasta component being slightly overcooked, their presentation was good enough and they make good and flavourful sauces! And waiters and waitresses there were very attentive and friendly. 5 star for service and ambience. Verdict? 4.0/5. Would return.

Next week, there'll be a BBQ session for my staff at my house. Life feels good... even if this entry is written in a ward, at a hospital. Hey, no pain no gain. And happiness doesn't exist without sadness. That's the only way you can really appreciate all ups and downs life has to offer you. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy every moment.


deeps said...

get together for a food together :)
i think you have made a great promise to your friends ..

FurBall said...

haa..reunion situ sudah..reunion dengan aku ngan ena bila?

zahirah ardy said...

Yep, done just that! Reaching out to my old friends now. So many of them

zahirah ardy said...

Ha set le. Hari tu x jadi. Whatsapp le aku. Kuching ada number aku

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