Saturday, January 23, 2016

reaching out

Home sweet home. I can hear the sound of water trickling down our garden fountain from my room. Tobby being her spoilt-self, lazing on my calves. She wanted to show that she should be prioritised over my laptop. Not gonna give her the satisfaction tonight. Nobody entering my room at this hour, asking me to take my meds. No intravenous drip attached to me. I can walk without dragging a bag of normal saline. So good to be out of the hospital and enjoy relaxing before falling asleep in a few minutes time, instead of forcing myself to do so because there's nothing better to do while I was admitted.

 (Standing from left to right: PPK Ain, DSA Sikin, DSA Liza, and DSA Feza; sitting from left to right: Driver Fahmi, me, and JP Mala)

So presenting, us, staff of Klinik Pergigian Linggi. See, when I first joined the clinic, I thought I'd be doomed for eternity. Water leaking from its roof. Termite-infested wooden windows. Unmotivated staff. Unrepaired instruments. Dark and scary looking place. We did not liaise well with our medical counterpart.

"Where shall I start?", I asked myself. "This place feels so down". I am not that kind of person who complains and do nothing about my problems or things I am not happy about. When there's an issue, I tackle it. Head-on. Well of course, at times it'd require a degree of diplomacy. When my two new assistants arrived, I felt like I wasn't the only one trying to change this place around, positive reinforcements would be needed from time to time to continuously motivate them. One by one, new staff joined us. Finally, we revamped the whole place and I gladly call it my second home. Patients began to return for more treatments - from basic to more complicated and more conservative ones. It takes a lot of effort, but I guess I am getting my well-deserved job satisfaction. And I guess, I am now married to my job. At times, my colleagues in gov sector would ask me, "Why would you go extra miles despite being paid inequivalent to your workload and effort?". My answer would be simply - compassion and integrity.

(clockwise from left most: Me, Leen, Najwa's husband, Najwa, Aisyah, Ain, and Murni)

Alright, let's put work-related stuff aside. Last week, the youngest member of aras 4 blok C2 Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan got married! Dr Najwa or Busu, as we all affectionately address her. It was a mini reunion for us. All of us reminisced our good old time during college. Those random Maggi and tuna parties. The rare and intimate unity among us floormates. Wherever I go - be it workplace or for studies; I make it a point to create a good and warm environment. I believe that good communication is crucial for everyone to feel welcomed, regardless how tough it is for that to be achieved in the first place. And I'm glad that our former penolong ketua aras, Ain, shared the same thought. Semoga Busu dan suami dikurniakan kebahagiaan serta kejayaan dunia dan akhirat bersama.

Then there's the impromptu dinner at Alexis, Gardens, with Murni. We tried their famous pavlova - it was so good, Murni insisted on having a slice all to herself if ever we dine there again. I had quiche lorraine while Murni had pepperoni pizza. I guess their savory menu was just so-so taste-wise, but they certainly serve superb desserts. Would definitely return for a second round!

Along with Hanif, I had my Sunday brunch at Zawara Coffee. Neat place. Hipster-looking, certainly. I had a slice of dark Belgian chocolate cake. It was uhhhh-mayyyy-zing (except for the fact that they served it with strawberry - which isn't my cuppa tea since I hate sour food - just my weird self). Enjoyed a cup of cappuccino there. Was so-so. I particularly loved their concept, except for the abundant usage of disposable materials. I feel guilty everytime I am handed a plastic bag, what more seeing these stuff in the place of washable cutlery and plates. We're already producing so much waste these days, anyway. Would return for a second round for this one too.

Hey, my former colleague during undergrad years came to KL! That's Helmy. Dr Helmy. Still single and available - as long as you can stand him karaoke-ing almost 24/7! Haha! Still the same old reserved lad who stutters. We missed our partner-in-crime, Kak Bella, though, because only with her presence could we sing Beribu Sesalan by Tiga Suara.

And my younger USM brother - Ziyad, from Sabah, is about to tie the knot this year! Ahhhh, it felt like it was just yesterday that we were jamming and roaming around aimlessly in my old Kelisa along with Cep and Acap. Semoga segala urusan dipermudahkan...

Alrighty, I really need to sleep because I need to go to KL tomorrow for MERCY Malaysia-related stuff. Goodnight, people.


deeps said...

you seem to be a self starter, self motivated person....the journey continues...

zahirah ardy said...

We live in a world filled with individualistic people. We cn only count on ourselves n God to keep motivated