Saturday, February 13, 2016

don't judge a book by its cover

It's pretty annoying when I keep receiving comments such as, "Kemain kau sekarang, tepek make-up seinci bagai ye", or maybe, "Kemain baju kau. Yelah anak orang kaya".

Listen here, bitch, the only things I put on my face on daily basis, for work, are basic foundation (since it contains sunscreen and I basically drive a total of nearly 130km everyday, under bright sunlight), brush my eyebrows, and a lipstick. I neither put on any eyeliner nor eyeshadow. I do not smack any concealer onto my face either since I have extremely sensitive skin and pretty big pores. The last thing I want to do is to clog them and have acne swarming my face.

Have you heard of taking care of your skin better makes all the difference? And don't I deserve to pamper my skin with basic skincare products and my body with good clothes using salary I earned on my own? Some people have ample of free time and they prefer wasting it by pissing people off rather than experiencing joy in others' happiness. By the way, however I present myself, it's because I am after all a professional. Even if I'm not one, shouldn't a lady present herself in a proper manner?

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deeps said...

i just wonder whats wrong in looking good!