Sunday, March 13, 2016

speed of light

It had been a week since I left Klinik Pergigian Linggi for Oral Surgery department of Hospital Tuanku Jaafar (also known as Seremban General Hospital).

Amazing how easy my path gets with all difficulties and challenges life poses, all praises to Allah. My transfer was processed within a week and after requesting to postpone the transfer for a fortnight to pass all my duties as the PPYM (Pegawai Pergigian Yang Menjaga to my colleague, here I am. On the right path to become an oral maxillofacial surgeon.

It's still too early to tell if I am made for it or not. I have superb bosses who are very generous in sharing their knowledge - Dr Latif and Dr Sutina. I have warm and friendly colleagues, Arunth, Dr Suhaila, Nazirul, and Gerald. I am the most junior officer around and I feel very inadequate knowledge and skill-wise, but this feeling... I missed it. I missed it a lot - the feeling of being inadequate. It's only then am I motivated to do more reading. It's the same feeling I had during my undergrad days.

I was inducted pretty fast. Yesterday I was already assisting open reduction internal fixation of bilateral mandibular fracture. 4 days ago I was already assisting Dr Latif at surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth under general anaesthesia. Arunth offered me to assist him fixing archbars. A lot of assisting and presenting a few cases. Hopefully I'll absorb everything like a sponge.

Currently, I feel that my brain is working in slow motion. It feels like trying to put a few rusty hinges into action, but I feel blissful. Can't recall when was the last time I felt this way.

I am now married. Married to my job :)


deeps said...

and you still find time to update your blog... thats lovely..

zahirah ardy said...

Yeah, but that's after a month not posting any update. Besides, I'm regretting that such unstructured entry was posted. Haha!