Saturday, April 16, 2016


I love mornings. Every morning, I wake up to the sound of birds chirping, water trickling down the fountain downstairs, take a sip of warm coffee I prepare every single night just before I fall asleep which I keep in a flask, I'd turn on my laptop and play songs resonating with my emotions at that particular time. I'd take my time.

As suggested by Baird and Samson, 2014, in their study, "Music evoked autobiographical memory after severe acquired brain injury: Preliminary findings from a case series", the ability of music in evoking old memories is astounding. So here I am, listening to Adele. Her songs bring back bitter memories.

I woke up this morning feeling... melancholic. I have been having flashbacks these three days. When you're conscious, it's easy to control them. Just shift your attention onto something else. Something that would actually matter in the future, but when they haunt you during your sleep - running away isn't an option. It felt like being tied and your eyelids taped open, you could do nothing but to watch that film reel replaying excerpts from your past again and again. And again.

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