Wednesday, March 8, 2017

the one wish

Woke up this morning feeling my calves aching as usual from prolonged standing and running here and there during work.

I no longer have my spirits up to cook for breakfast. I only have little strength to cook for lunch. So I've been having cereals in the morning for three days now. 


I looked at my handphone. It's a reminder I have long set in my organiser. An occasion I had been looking forward to. Suddenly, my eyes welled up. I have no idea how many meals have I cried over. How fast did time fly? It's back to being alone again, but still... eventhough it was me who walked away, I have my reasons. Eventhough it is painful to me, after gathering every ounce of courage I had left after that three years of darkness in my life, everything shattered into pieces.

And still, I am going to wish you...

Happy birthday. I truly wish only good things to happen in your life

... although it's the other way round with mine.

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